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When shopping for any new product, information can be an important tool. Below are a list of informational pages to help you along with your purchasing decision. Still have questions about our traffic control systems? Our trained professionals are here to answer your questions toll free at (800) 878-7829.

About Us

Learn all there is to know about Tiger Teeth Store. Who we are, what we believe in, and why we're the number one choice in traffic control systems.

What Are Tiger Teeth?

Learn everything there is to know about Tiger Teeth traffic control systems at this page.

Safety Tips

We've compiled a list of 12 essential do's and don'ts for installing, operating, and maintaining your traffic spike system. Please read and follow these guidelines closely.

Traffic Spike Systems

Here you can learn about traffic spike systems. Learn what traffic spikes are used for, what the difference is between manual and motorized or surface mount or in-ground.

About GUARDIAN Hinges

What makes GUARDIAN hinges different from regular hinges? Find out here.

Video Library

Watch videos of Guardian Traffic units in action.

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