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Welcome to Tiger Teeth Store!

We offer top-notch GUARDIAN traffic control systems that keep your property safe.

When you think traffic spikes, you think security. Traffic spikes from GUARDIAN Traffic Systems are the most reliable tiger teeth in the industry. Used worldwide in a variety of transportation applications, our units ensure your traffic flow stays in one direction. Airports, hospitals, universities, car rental agencies, gated communities, and the military have all utilized GUARDIAN traffic spikes, and we are here to offer you these high quality products at the right price!

Our GUARDIAN product selection is huge. We offer both in-ground and above-ground traffic spike sections, motorized spikes and accessosries, including warning signs, barrier arms, loop detectors, heating cables, and many, many more! If you don't see a specific product you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We are resourceful and can find whatever you need in a timely fashion, and offer it the best price!

Need a fast sales quote? Interested in a few different products, but need to know which would be the best fit? Want to know when a certain product would ship to your door? Our professional customer service team is here to help! Call 330-650-9226 or toll-free at 800-878-7829, or email sales@tigerteethstore.com.