How Effective Are Traffic Spikes?

traffic spike strip being placed

Traffic spikes are an easy and efficient way of helping to prevent theft as well as controlling the flow of traffic in a certain direction through a parking lot or driveway. When installed, the spikes only allow vehicles to drive in one direction without causing damage to their tires. If a car were to attempt to drive on the spikes in the opposite direction their tires would be immediately punctured.

What Are Traffic Spikes?

Traffic spikes are heavy-duty sections of metal that can be either in-ground or surface mounted to the asphalt or concrete of the garage, parking lot, or driveway you are looking to install it. Within the metal section, there are notches that when activated will produce spikes. These spikes are commonly curved to allow traffic to flow one way while also preventing it from going the other. These traffic spike units can either deploy the spikes manually or automatically.

These strips are easy to install, require little maintenance, and are an economical choice compared to other options. They are a great addition to existing barrier methods and provide an extra level of security to areas that are not under constant surveillance.

For times when the spikes are not needed, they can be easily retracted to allow free access in either direction. When the spikes are not activated the metal section still serves as a speed bump so cars know to slow down in the area they are placed.

Where Are Traffic Spikes Used?

Commonly, traffic spikes are used in addition to other barrier methods to control traffic or increase protection within an area. These other barrier methods include but are not limited to barrier gates, checkpoints, or automatic gate systems. Places that typically use these spikes include airports, car rental lots, government buildings, parking garages, gated communities, and military bases.