How to Control Vehicle Traffic and Speed in Parking Lots

Looking to maximize safety and minimize reckless driving in your business's parking lot or garage? Despite the common conception that parking lots are full of stationary, slow-moving vehicles perusing for any empty spot or slow turns as the driver avoids another car or person right around the bend, one in five car accidents occur in a parking lot. While many of these collisions do not result in serious damage to pedestrians or vehicles, there is a significant number of fatal accidents.

So, the solution?

Traffic spikes and speed bumps. While Tiger Teeth Store cannot teach people how to drive safely, we do offer solutions that may cause them to think twice.

Parking Lot Traffic Spikes and Speed Bumps

Parking Lot Traffic Spikes

Parking lots and garages see heavy vehicles and pedestrian traffic, which poses plenty of safety concerns. Two of the causes of accidents in parking lots are cars driving too fast through the small aisles and cars driving in the wrong direction. If the huge white arrow on the ground and the abundance of "drive slow" and pedestrian signs don't indicate that motorists should drive slowly, consider installing traffic spikes and speed bumps.

What Are Traffic Spikes?

Traffic spikes, also referred to as Tiger Teeth, tire spikes, road spikes, and many other names, are retractable spikes that are installed in parking lots or along some roadways where vehicles need to move in a specific direction. Traffic spikes can be surface-mounted or installed in the ground, and some are motorized and synchronized with an access management system, like a gate opener.

How do Traffic Spikes Work?

Traffic spikes are highly effective in both speed control and direction management. The operation of traffic spikes depends on the "model" you choose. Essentially, the spikes are all arranged to retract when a vehicle rolls over them, going five mph in the correct direction or puncturing the vehicle's tires when it passes in the wrong direction. Operation differs by model such that most traffic spikes are spring-loaded, and some are motorized. The spring-loaded traffic spikes will automatically pop back up after the vehicles' front wheels roll over them and retract and pop up again when the back wheels roll over. The traditional traffic spikes discourage both driving in the wrong direction or lane and reversing. If driven over in the wrong direction or are driven over too fast, the tires on the vehicle will deflate.

What is a Speed Bump?

Parking Lot Speed Bump

Speed bumps, also commonly called speed humps, are raised rubber mats that are secured to the ground of roadways and parking lots. Speed bumps discourage fast driving through the parking lot or garage and along high-traffic roadways. These rubber mats are quickly secured to the road surface and are 40% effective in slowing traffic and 45% effective in decreasing vehicle and pedestrian collisions. If a vehicle travels too fast over a speed bump, it is highly likely to damage its vehicle.

Traffic Spike and Speed Bump Applications

Traffic spikes and speed bumps can be applied to parking lots and garages for airports, hospitals, shopping centers, and more. Both of these vehicle traffic solutions can be installed along parking lot lanes and roadways. For example, you may see speed bumps around school campuses and residential side streets to stop vehicles from driving too fast around playing children or animals.

Concerns about Traffic Spikes and Speed Bumps

There is a common misconception that traffic spikes and speed bumps contribute to air pollution by slowing cars to a near stop. Traffic regulation allows vehicles to be directed and make decisions quicker, minimizing air pollution. Another concern is for emergency vehicles and slowing them down. While the speed bump or traffic spike will slow down the emergency vehicle, you still minimize the chances of another accident or fatality.

Parking Lot Vehicle Traffic Safety Solutions

Find a solution or combination that works for you at Tiger Teeth Store. We offer speed bumps, surface-mounted, in-ground, motorized traffic spike accessories, and a broad range of barrier gates and accessories. Make your property a safe place for vehicles and pedestrians.

If you would like to learn more about parking and roadway safety solutions and vehicle and pedestrian traffic management, please feel free to explore our Resources Hub for informational and instructional content or contact our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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