Traffic Spikes For Parking Lots

COBRA traffic spikes

When driving near a restricted area, you may see protection measures installed before the gate that resembles shark teeth. These teeth are traffic spikes and help deter unwanted vehicles from entering the premises. You may have seen these in parking lots without 24/7 vigilance. However, if you are interested in purchasing one of these traffic control teeth for yourself, you should know that there are two types of models: in-ground and surface-mounted traffic spikes.

Surface Mounted Traffic Spikes

Surface-mounted traffic spikes are created to sit atop the ground, forming a highly-visible way to control the traffic flow of an area. These traffic spikes can be set up so a vehicle can enter but not exit when attempting to leave the parking lot.

Another essential facet of surface-mounted traffic spikes is that they can be non-penetrating or penetrating. Sharp spikes inflict more damage on the vehicle passing across them by targeting the tire system. Most surface-mounted traffic spikes fall into the latter category and will cause some damage to a vehicle moving in the wrong direction.

In-Ground Traffic Spikes

Conversely, in-ground traffic spikes sit at a low profile, providing safety and protection in a secured area. These spikes also discourage wrong-way traffic. These in-ground traffic spikes come in a standard red or safety yellow color, ensuring vehicles can spot the traffic spikes before attempting to enter or exit a parking lot.

When using an in-ground traffic spike, speed bumps are recommended with use. If purchasing from the Cobra In-Ground line, all moving parts are zinc-plated, and the central piece is made from heavy-duty steel construction.

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What Else Is Needed When Setting Up Traffic Spikes

Other than choosing an in-ground or surface-mounted model, you must use a warning sign so vehicles know they are about to pass above safety spikes. If you refuse to use a warning sign, any warranty associated with your unit will be voided automatically. However, even if you are not interested in the warranty, using a safety sign will give cars a visible warning before causing any damage to their vehicles.

Are There Any Non-Penetrating Traffic Spikes?

While traffic spikes are usually always penetrating, the Stingray is a unique hybrid that offers non-penetrating above-grade teeth and penetrating below-grade teeth. This makes them a “pedestrian-safe” traffic spike system that offers protection.

The Stingray is a traffic-protection solution for shopping malls, schools, or private communities that expect lots of moving pedestrians. This system is powder-coated in red to provide additional durability. Since the Stingray is built top-down, it is more heavy-duty than a bottom-up traffic spike.

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