Warning Signs and Other Accessories

Warning Sign For Traffic Spikes

Whether installing a new traffic control system or having an existing one, it is important not to forget the accessories needed to keep your system running efficiently. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of accessories that customers will need to accentuate the functionality and safety of their system. All our accessories are designed to improve the performance of your system and are made from high-quality materials that ensure they are built to last.

Our accessories include items like speed bumps, warning signs, loop detectors, stop-and-go signals, and reflective tape. Most of these products pair well with all our traffic control system inventory, but please be sure to double-check before purchasing. Most of the accessories we offer deal with safety. It is important to properly install your traffic control system to minimize risk and the potential for liability. However, after installation, it is equally as important to properly mark your unit with the proper safety accessories.

Why Do I Need Safety Accessories?

Most city safety codes require that warning signs as well as reflective caution tape be placed on or near your installed traffic control system. This is especially true for customers who are installing traffic spikes. If a person or vehicle were to collide with the spikes it could result in serious damage or injury. The signs as well as tape serve as a warning to both driving and walking pedestrians that they are approaching the unit and should exercise caution.

If these accessories are not used or placed where people cannot see them you run the risk of cars speeding over the system, causing serious damage to their tires, or a person walking into the spikes and sustaining serious injury. With an addition of a safety sign and reflective tape you can easily avoid these risks and keep your traffic control unit running as it should.

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