What Are Tiger Teeth Traffic Spikes?

Tiger Teeth Traffic spikes are a top-quality traffic spike system used across the globe to control vehicle access to or from certain areas.

tiger teeth traffic spikes

What applications are Tiger Teeth traffic spike systems used for?

Traffic spike systems can be used in many applications - military facilities, hospitals, businesses, schools, storage facilities, and many more.

How does the Tiger Teeth Traffic Spike system control and limit access?

Our traffic spike systems feature the unique ability to let traffic flow in one direction while stopping it from going in the other. If a vehicle drives in the permitted direction the traffic spikes will simply fold down, causing no damage to the tires. If however, a vehicle drives in the restricted direction the teeth will then activate and cause damage to the tires while stopping the vehicle in it's tracks.

Are there different types of traffic control systems available?

Our Tiger Teeth tire spike systems are available in many different models. There are two main types of traffic spike systems, in-ground units which are flush with the ground and surface mounted units which rest on top of the ground. Some of our traffic spike systems are manual, while other units are motorized. Another difference between some of our traffic control systems is that while most of them cause tire damage, there are models available which do not penetrate tires but will still stop vehicles in their tracks.

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