BOB Trailer and Solid Wheel Kit for HUG

The BOB-Trailer Solid Wheel Kit is designed to enhance the mobility of your HUG (Heavy Utility Gate) around the jobsite. Featuring durable, solid wheels, this kit includes removable tires and a removable tongue, making it perfect for non-highway transportation. Easily navigate rough terrains and reposition your HUG with minimal effort, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in managing your security setup.
Part Number: BOB-TRAILER
$1,790.00 each
$1,790.00 each


BOB Trailer and Solid Wheel Kit for HUG

The BOB-Trailer Solid Wheel Kit is an essential upgrade for your HUG (Heavy Utility Gate), designed to facilitate effortless mobility around job sites. This kit includes durable, solid wheels that are built to withstand rough terrains, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. The removable tires and removable tongue provide added convenience, allowing for easy attachment and detachment, making the transportation and repositioning of your HUG seamless and efficient.

Ideal for non-highway transportation, this wheel kit ensures that you can move your gate to various locations on the job site with minimal effort, enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of your security setup. Whether you need to relocate the gate frequently or just want the option for easy maneuverability, the BOB-Trailer Solid Wheel Kit is the perfect solution for maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in managing your site security.


  • Removable Tires
  • Removable Tongue
  • Non-Highway Transportation
Name BOB Trailer and Solid Wheel Kit for HUG
Product Type Trailer
Price $1,790.00