MTF 3' (914 mm) In-Ground Extension - Galvanized - 13100XC

Use this 3 ft steel spike extension to extend your in-ground MTF Motorized Traffic System. Choose galvanized red or yellow.
Part Number: 13100XC

$571.13 each


MTF 3' (914 mm) In-Ground Extension - Galvanized - 13100XC

The Galvanized MTF Motorized Traffic System comes in a standard 12' section. If this isn't long enough to suit the needs of your property, then this is the ideal addition for you. This 3' section can be used to extend the reach of the MTF automated traffic spikes. The traffic control device can be extended up to 20 feet long. These extension pieces are made from the same durable material as the EMTF Motorized Traffic System's main steel spike strip.

SKU 13100XC
Part Number 13100.332
Manufacturer GUARDIAN Traffic Systems
Finish Galvanized
Length 3'