Road Blade Surface Mount 36" L X 22" W Traffic Spike Section with Latch Downs (Powder-Coated Red) - RB36

If you are ready to provide a secure and easy vehicle mitigation solution, the Road Blade surface mount traffic spikes are ideal. These powder-coated red traffic spikes are created to allow passage to vehicles entering but cause damage to tires if cars try to exit. The traffic spikes are great for commercial use.
Part Number: RB36

$1,209.30 each


Road Blade Surface Mount 36" L X 22" W Traffic Spike Section with Latch Downs (Powder-Coated Red) - RB36

Ready to take control of traffic? Use these Road Blade surface mount traffic spikes. Vehicles can enter but cannot exit without significant damage to tires. The spring-loaded system remains up and can quickly go down when vehicles move through it in the correct direction. However, if they move in the wrong direction, the spikes will not allow cars to pass easily. Since this unit is surface mounted, it may not need an additional speed bump. If you need to repair or replace it, just order the one-foot top plate module assembly.

Note: You Must Use A Warning Sign And A Speed Bump To Make Sure Your Traffic Spike Follows Regulations In Your Area.

Key Features:

  • Measurements: 36" L X 22" W
  • Bolt Or Glue Down The Traffic Spikes
  • No Need To Excavate or Asphalt Cut
  • Offers A Low Profile For The Easiest Passage
  • Created In 3 Ft. Sections, So Lane Widths Are Customizable
  • Made For Heavy-Duty Use With An All-Welded Construction
  • 1/4" Thick Rolled Steel
  • Power-Coated Yellow Teeth With Red Powder-Coated On The Outside
  • Includes Stainless Steel Torsion Springs
  • Latch Down Mechanism Comes With Traffic Spikes
  • Height: 4"
  • Teeth Height: 2"
  • Ramp Height: 2"
Specifications Sheet
Product Type Spike
Mount Type Surface Mount
Color Red
Finish Powder Coated (Red)
Load Rated 10 Tons